Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop Insurance

Our Garage Insurance packages are offered to you by an experienced staff with specialized expertise in this industry. Our services are specifically tailored to address the exposures of auto repair and body work by offering cost effective solutions for your business. Two important coverages are Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Liability coverage. Below is an explanation of these coverages:

Garage Liability Insurance:

Garage Liability Insurance is purchased by the owner of an Auto Repair or Auto Body business. This is protection for you and any additional insureds you designate from third-party liability – includes liability from trips and falls as well as auto accidents while test driving customers’ cars.

Garage Keepers Liability:

Garage Keepers Legal Liability is a very important coverage for the owners of Auto Repair and Auto Body businesses. This is not Garage Liability. This coverage insures the value of customer cars left in your custody and care.

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